Weigh Scale Pallet Trucks

Palletlift.co.uk offer huge range of Record Weigh Scale Pallet Trucks to suit a variety of uses and requirements. We also supply high quality custom built products specifically designed to meet customer requirements.

Record TEB Fully Powered Pallet Truck with Weigh Scale


RECORD TEB2000, Fully Powered pallet truck with Weigh Scale - Capacity 2000kg - Heavy duty fully powered truck with reduced dimensions for manoeuvring in narrow aisles - Fork Dimensions: 1208mm x 540mm - External battery charger - Ergonomic dr...

Record TSX Stainless Weigh Scale Pallet Truck


High quality, stainless steel pallet truck with built in weighing facilityHead unit functions include. Tare Net weight Totals Item Counter As standard, a standby cut out is included to prolong battery lifeOptions:Other fork lengths and widths can be ...

Record WS Weigh Scale Hand Pallet Truck


- Heavy Duty Capacity 2000kg- Standard Fork Length: 1150mm/1220mm- Standard Fork Widths: 572mm/692mm- Min. fork height 84mm, Max. fork height 200mm- High Contrast display - can be read from any angle- High Accuracy - +/- 0.1% of scale capacity- Total...

Record WS2000 Stainless Steel Weigh Scale Hand Pallet Truck


Record WS2000 Stainless Steel Weigh Scale Hand Pallet Truck is extremely accurate, triple weigh range, which changes automatically: 0-500kg by 0.2 increments, 500-1000kg by 0.5kg increments, 1000-2000kg by 1kg increments. Ideal for food, healthcare &...

Record WS2000L Weigh Scale Hand Pallet Truck


RECORD WS2000L Weigh Scale Hand Pallet Truck• Model WS2000L - Max. load capacity: 2000kgLeaflet Record WS2000L   Specification Data...

Record WSE Weigh Scale Hand Pallet Truck


Record WSE Weigh Scale Hand Pallet Truc- Fork Length: 1150mm- Width over forks: 572mm- The built-in weigh scale is in 5kg increments- Weighs up to 3,000 times with one set of batteries- Requires to be raised to weighing level indicated on the display...

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